Distracted Driving in Illinois

At any given time of day, 800,000 drivers are using their cell phones on the road—are you one of them?

Driving while distracted by a mobile device is an everyday reality, yet so are the increasing number of vehicle crashes as a result of cell phone use.

Illinois Distracted Driving Laws

Most importantly for our neighbors in Champaign-Urbana to remember is that removing your attention from the road to focus on your mobile device is illegal in the state of Illinois.  Using a cell phone, other than in an emergency situation or while using a hands-free one-touch/voice dial device, is illegal and come with serious consequences.  First offenses result in a $75 ticket with the price only increasing dramatically from there.  Drivers who cause an accident can also face substantial jail time.


To read the Illinois distracted driving laws, click the button below:


   Illinois Distracted Driving Laws   


For more information, download the Illinois State Police brochure on Distracted Driving:


   ISP Distracted Driving Brochure   


Teen Drivers and Cell Phone Use

Talking, texting, and using your smart phone for music are all common temptations facing Illinois drivers, but are the most adverse to our young drivers.  As your teen forms his or her driving habits, it is important that a serious conversation takes place to discuss not only the potential fallout and consequences of distracted driving, but also the rules governing their newfound freedom out on the road.  Novice drivers, considered anyone age 19 or below on the road, are strictly prohibited from any interaction with mobile devices while driving.



We encourage not just our teen drivers, but everyone out on the road who may be tempted to use their cellular device to Take the Pledge.  Download the contract below, courtesy of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and take the time to discuss with your close family and friends before signing to never drive while distracted.  Together, we can eliminate the threat presented by drivers without their focus on the road.


   Take the Pledge   



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Additional Auto Resources:

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